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Princess Carmela - Never Gonna Get It

Princess Carmela - Never Gonna Get It

Start by wearing a bikini please. tell me about your pussy for a couple minutes and tell me that you know how much i want to service and worship it. and you lead me on for a minute but then you say im not ready for it and i need to service princess and her feet first before anything. Then explain how I am not good enough for your pussy because Im not a real man. then if you want you can put on jeans or a shirt and whatever so i dont get more distracted.
just tell me more about your manicure and pedicure and how i need to keep up the good work by constantly sending you money for dates and girly stuff say that its very important for me to pay for your nails and toes, so princess doesnt need to worry about paying a dime.
tell me how rich you are Please!! and how spoiled you are and that you have tons of slaves who wait on your every move and how your life is so fucking easy! lol then tell me that i always beg for your nails and your perfect feet and toes on my cock so you figured that the only way you can envision that is for me to take kicks for you. you tell me you will start with a closed toe heel/shoe so that i cant see your pedicure and plus you dont really want your toes on my cock, yet alone ruin your toenails. and then after you where some open toe heels and you save if i ruin your pedicure ill have more to worry about then just reimbursing you twice as much! Also you tell me when this happens i will have to be tied up of course, because you are in charge and you said so anyways. but also because once i am tied up i literally will have to submit and do anything for you, say anything for you and take any pain for you.
you want full control over me. Then you can try on a few pairs of shoes to show me what you will use against me. even the one you love that doesnt show off your divine french pedicure. you ask if im gonna be a good boy and take a lot of kicks for miss wallet owner in hopes of getting her bare feet maybe. i need to continue paying for your nails salon visits and anyone who wants to go with you even. you say im just lucky you dont make me walk into the salon and pay in front of you.
keep telling me to thank you a lot through this. just make me believe that you are better then me and i am your slave and add anything other femdom that you would like to do to me

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