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Glam Worship - Lucy Zara - My Foot Freak

Glam Worship - Lucy Zara - My Foot Freak

You are an addict for these feet. I have a special treat for you today. I know you cant get enough of them. These feet will consume every aspect of your life. You cant resist and you wont. Come massage them for me, they are so perfect. Start wanking that cock for me. Imagine that your cock was in-between them, oh you would love that wouldnt you! You can just sit and watch these perfect toes of mine, the wrinkles as I move them. You cant resist. You love them so much. I love teasing you with them and making you weaker and weaker. Imagine just cumming on these perfect soles of mine, it would be like a dream come true! I know its hard to resist them, especially when I rub my soles together and run my fingers across them. You are getting a special little treat today. Look at those perfect soles as I crinkle them. You are my foot bitch now. I suggest you start spoiling these perfect feet of mine. - Lucy Zara

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