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Natalie Darling - Clean MY Feet

Natalie Darling - Clean MY Feet

Look at my feet!!! They're so dirty!!! Do you know what I need? .... Someone to clean them! That's right LOSER! Stick your whole tongue out and start licking them clean. I want you to work from my heels to my toes! You can't resist a sexy woman with perfect feet! You're so turned on when I wrinkle my soles. It's time for you to pull your cock out and stroke it for me. Get to work! Clean my dirty little soles. Lick them up and down until you cum. You love sucking on my soft little toes too. Let's put all of them into your mouth at once! You're little dick gets so hard from my perfect feet. Lick in between my toes LOSER! Get in there! You're so hard from my sexy feet. Stroke that dirty little cock while you suck on my toes. You're my dirty little foot bitch now.

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