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Goddess Nikki Kit Aroma Will Make You Gay for My Feet

Goddess Nikki Kit  Aroma Will Make You Gay for My Feet
You are hopelessly addicted to two things in this world, Me and Aroma. You have an increasing addiction to a certain part of My body, My feet. Well, since your little dicklet is too little to entertain Me with anything you could do with, or to, it, you are going to loosen up your slut hole to entertain Me with instead. You are going to go ahead and lock that little clitty away in a chastity device before we even play, there will be no pleasure for your penis today. You are going to mindlessly sniff that aroma and worship My feet like a good boy, while we train your asshole to be able to spread wide enough to fit My foot into if I wanted to do so. Wouldn't that be your dream come true? Look at that you have a nice big dildo to use for your asshole... Don't worry, we will get your back door all l loosened up with aroma first.

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