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Stella Liberty - Fuck Me Pumps

Stella Liberty - Fuck Me Pumps
My hot red stiletto pumps dangle in your face and you will do anything to hear about the last time I got fucked. In fact, it was while wearing these sexy high heels and Im sure youd love to hear all about it. Im actually texting my best girl friend right this minute about the hot sex I just had and she is begging to see a pic for proof. Youre my chipped pedicure foot slave and that is what you do best so I want you to suck my high heel while I tell you details and remind you that you will never fuck me. My pumps get you so hard you are ready to snap off like a firecracker and if you are a good slave I will even let you cum on my feet and then Ill slide my clear high heels back on and wear it throughout the day.

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