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xxSmiley Stinky Feet and Sneakers VR

xxSmiley  Stinky Feet and Sneakers VR
Its a hot day and Smiley sweaty from working out. She isnt wearing any sock so her sneakers are sponging up all of her sweat. She squeaks and rubs her shoes together, showing off how cute they look on her feet. She talks about how hot her feet are from working out all afternoon in the sun. I bet you want to want to know how her nikes smell. Lucky for you, she offers to take off her shoe and give you a sniff. She pops off her sneaker and wiggles her sweaty toes. She smells her sneaker first before sticking your nose deep down into the sneakers. Its bad! White cheddar Cheetos bad! But you love it! she pulls the shoe away and places her other shoe in your face(still on her foot) she pulls her feet slowly and wiggles her sweaty toes in your face. Smiley lays back, crosses her legs and lets the breeze dry off her sweaty bare feet. She wiggles, points and scrunches her feet in your face while relaxing for a bit then before offering you another sniff. She lifts up one foot and places it on your face, nose inbetween her toes. You take a big sniff right before she switches feet. Wonder what they taste like? Her blue nail polish make her toes cute enough to eat. She tells you to open up and sticks her barefoot in your mouth. She pulls her feet back because it tickles to have her foot in your mouth. She turns around and sits with her legs under her, soles facing you. She talks about her sweaty yoga pants while rubbing her round booty then gets on her knees,ass up and her soles still facing you. She scrunches her feet tightly and shows off her sole wrinkles. She turns back around and lays back with her toes in your face again. She is allowing you to fully smell and sniff inbetween her toes. She tries to stick one of her toes up you nose. She lets you lick and taste her little toes until she cant take the tickle. She Gives her feet a break and lets you go nose deep into her sneakers again. They have a dirt foot print inside from how often she wears them without socks. She sniff them herself, yuck! yeah pretty stinky alright. Smiley notices how much you enjoy this. How the smell of her feet is taking over you. You know you want to touch yourself. Go on, stroke your dick to her stink. She encourages you to jerk off to her smelly feet. She plays and teases you with her feet while instructing you to stroke it. She scrunches her feet and thrusts her fingers inbetween them. Just the sound of skin rubbing inbetween her soles make your shiver. She lets you smell and taste her feet while you stroke it. when you are getting close, she encourages you to cum in her stinky sneaker. She holds it up to you for you to smell until the timing is ready. She puts back on her sneaker once youve shot a load in it.

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