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Miss Alana - Church of Feet - Your new religion (Premium User Requests)

Miss Alana - Church of Feet - Your new religion (Premium User Requests)
Vid 1: world is ran by secret Church of Feet. womens feet brought life to humans & earth. church operates in the shadows for centuries to serve the TRUE god (a massive all-powerful foot in the sky). Slaves clean feet, give up all pussy, and literally pray to a foot to be worthy. Church is now corrupt and operates worldwide nail salons and shoe stores, literally an entire foot related empire. Slaves have no income, no sex, and no role besides pampering feet every from sun up to sun down. They are chosen for it. I was chosen but didnt know until this year because no one stole me when younger. I stumbled onto you online, contacted you and you are a priestess instructed to fast track me into the corrupt religion.... sad news: I have to serve feet until end of life. The thought of pussy is EVIL, my sperm belongs to feet, and I have to BEG for forgiveness by the all-mighty foot. Every time I even THINK of pussy I have to watch this vid and eat my cum while saying Im sorry. Please forgive me! Directly to your foot. The more cum I eat the closer to the all-mighty foot I become. The Foot Goddess is watching me! The all-mighty Foot is always watching! Vid starts with just your face talking calling me worthless and I should be ASHAMED that I ever saw a pussy. Vid ends with both feet looking MASSIVE while you scold me to cum into my hand and eat it for the Foot Goddess. Welcome to the Church of Feet.

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