FootFetish » Soles Toes » AstroDomina - SUPREME FEARLESS FOOT LEADER 3 (Premium User Requests)

AstroDomina - SUPREME FEARLESS FOOT LEADER 3 (Premium User Requests)

AstroDomina - SUPREME FEARLESS FOOT LEADER 3 (Premium User Requests)

I am your fearless supreme leader! And for good reason, my subjects worship me without question! The leader of Astro nation, which has taken over 80% of the entire world's nations, has decided to give yet another interview to talk about the growth and domination of her nation and to address her citizens, namely you! She's actually pretty surprised how easy it was to take over so much of the world, and how all these sovereign nations simply bowed to her power and she completely controls them now. Of course she says she's a benevolent leader, one that strives to provide for all her citizens and to conquer all nations and strive for greatness! She plans on making even more countries bow to her powerful feet. Of course, greatness doesn't come without sacrifice, and this is where you come in citizen. She now removes her boots, revealing the amazing feet that have overtaken so many others, and puts them on full display as she lays out your role as a devoted citizen. To prove your devotion, she's going to be imposing even more taxes now on you, and even stricter rules. You're going to have to give everything to your leader! She is your god now, and you shall serve no one else!

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