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Ivory Soles - Ultimate Foot Bitch Training

Ivorys foot bitch has been trying to resist his fetish, so Ivory knows it is time to fully engage all his triggers and make him give in. She immediately makes him start cleaning the dirty bottoms of her shoes. The whole time she is using names like foot bitch and telling him that he is as worthless as the scum on her shoes that he is licking. She trains him exactly how she wants him to behave. It is up to him to obey to see the next phase of her smelly feet. If he cant obey, she uses his face as a doormat for punishment. Before the foot boy realizes it, he is fully obedient to her feet and in a trance. He may have to get slapped around by a slipper a few times but he means to obey as best he can. He is a submitted foot bitch, desperate to give in to her smelly feet, disgusting socks, and dirty shoes. It is and honor to be at her feet. It is a privilege to serve them. It is his duty to pay her for admiring her perfect feet. With every new view of her feet he gives in harder. Anything she demands, he will give. He will not resist his fetish any longer. His only purpose in life is to remain a hard working, virgin slave for her feet. He will stay sexless, give up dating, and spend all his hours working and worshiping her feet. He will collect her worn items and build a shrine to worship her in all his free time. His sex life will become her socks. His dating life is sending Ivory his paychecks. His purpose is to slave away at a job to have cash to give his Foot Goddess. He is a foot bitch, reprogrammed by her smelly feet.

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