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Mistress Salem - Occultrix Feet Anointing JOI Sex Magick Spell

Mistress Salem - Occultrix Feet Anointing JOI Sex Magick Spell

I am your Sex Magick Goddess. Mesmerizing audio layers of My voice instructing you, teaching and teasing you, bringing you deeper under My spell. Today you will learn this foot worship ritual as I anoint My feet. I will teach you to invoke Me-your deity- your Goddess. I anoint My feet and Goddess body out in nature high above the Mississippi River at sunrise bringing you through My ritual, performing it with you. I teach you your affirmation and your power word. The affirmation is a mantra: "Goddess, I worship your feet." The word of Power is "edge." I teach you the ritual, My voice whispers in your ear. I remove My boots, anoint My feet. Visualize your goal and intent- to cum so f4cking hard for Me that I can feel the power of your orgasm because we are connected. Create a reality in which you are right here with My feet so perilously close to your throbbing c0ck you can feel them. This new reality with Me consumes you. Stroke your c0ck, continue the rhythm of arousal, breathe and get to the edge. I bring you through the ritual and make you cum. Stare at your High Priestess and cum under My powerful spell! (clip features elements of: erotic magic, magic control, foot fetish, foot worship, mesmerize, mind fuck, brainwash fantasy, goddess worship, feet, orgasm control, JOI, sensual domination, femdom pov, soles, toes, sex magick, jerk off instruction)

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