FootFetish » Tickling » Russian Fetish - Medical dept part 2 - Double tickling and Iraida betrays friend

Russian Fetish - Medical dept part 2 - Double tickling and Iraida betrays friend

Russian Fetish - Medical dept part 2 - Double tickling and Iraida betrays friend

Iraida and Taisia are secrets agents who have been caught by the CIA and are being subjected to questioning. Both women are restrained and placed in the stocks. The lead interrogator from the CIA comes in and, after refusing to answer his questions, he begins his convincing method to get the answers he needs. Both women are subjected to tickling and trying to hold out without giving away the information, however, Iraida turns on her partner and divulges some information to the interrogator. Iraida, however, gave only partial information, so the interrogator gave her a choice she could either continue to be subject to the ticking torment, along with Taisia, or she can turn on Taisia and administer a new interrogation method the CIA had been experimenting with.

Fearing the feathers, Iraida opts to tickle Taisia. She is released from the stocks and is ordered to move Taisa from the stocks onto a table, where she is laid on her back. The interrogator gives Iraida instructions on what to do. After he is finished, Iraida begins to tickle Taisa. She then administers the new experimental method, which is the application of itching powder onto Taisias feet. Not realizing what Iraida just did, the powder begins to take effect on Taisias feet and she begins trying to fight the itching. Realizing what she has done, Iraida tries to help her partner by continuing to tickle her. Taisia is strong and is holding out on giving the information the lead interrogator needs. Iraida is ordered to apply more itching powder to Taisias feet and to continue the tickling interrogation. Taisia still remains strong and is withholding the information.

Eventually, Iraida begins to enjoy the torment she is providing her partner and, in a moment of weakness, Iraida jokes and brags how she is glad she did not have to go through this torment since she gave information that would lead to nowhere. The lead interrogator hears this and is upset that Iraida would not just give him the information he needed, but that she would turn on her partner like that. He immediately orders the end of Taisias treatment and, in a cruel twist, has Taisia subject Iraida to the same torment! Iraida is laid down in strict style, with her feet dangling in the air, providing Taisia with a sole canvas. The interrogator has now left the room, leaving Tasia alone with Iraida. Taisia begins lightly tickling Iraidas feet, almost as if to tease her. Taisia then begins to use a feather, slowly and gently running it over Iraidas exposed feet. Fearing whats to come, Iraida asks Taisia for forgiveness, but Taisia denies the request. She then applies a healthy dose of itching powder to Iraidas feet. Iraida tries to scratch her feet but to no avail. Taisia taunts Iraida and eventually begins tickling her, subject Iraida to the same itching and tickling torment she was subjected to minutes earlier. Taisia eventually leaves the room, but before she does, she applies one last dose of itching powder to Iraidas feet, leaving her itching by her lonesome.

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