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Random Sole Encounters Uber Drivers 1st Time Tickle Torture

Random Sole Encounters  Uber Drivers 1st Time Tickle Torture
I shot this the same time I shot her surprise foot worship clip: SEE IT HERE

I met Annie way back in December, she was my Uber driver. Annie has a cool look and I was hoping to get her to do a random sole encounter type video for me right on the spot.

Unfortunately she was very suspicious about why I wanted to film her feet. She asked me a ton of questions; Where are you going to post this? Why do you want to see my feet?etc.

She told me she had other passengers to pick up and declined my offer. I decided to give her my card and told her to check out my site and if she was ever interested in the future to get in touch. I left it at that and didnt see much hope in ever getting her to model for me.

Flash forward to the end of February and I get a text from Annie. She asked if I was still interested in her foot modeling. Of course I was! She told me she was only interested in doing a foot modeling shoot which was pretty disappointing for me but I thought I could get her into my studio and see how far we could take things.

Annie told me her boyfriend wouldnt approve of her doing foot fetish shoots so shed have to come by at night when he thinks she is out driving for Uber.

A few nights later, Annie comes to my studio to shoot!

Annie starts off locked in stocks, her boots already off. I had her put her sheer nylon socks back on. Annie wears a size 8.5 shoe and has a punk style. Annie has great feet, long slender toes and soles, its a shame she keeps them hidden away in boots.

I start off briefly tickling her feet in sheer socks before removing them. I use all the familiar tools; feathers, fingers, flosser, hairbrush.

You can tell Annie isnt completely comfortable with being tickled. Shes not sure how to react in front of the camera. She tries her best to remain stoic but she starts to squirm, bite her lip, her toes curlshe tries to resist laughing, such a tough punk!

Her reactions to the foot tickling arent laugh-out-loud but you can tell shes ticklish and trying to fight it.

Then I move to her upper body and once again this tough girl tries to resist laughingbut she cant! Her upper body is way too ticklish and she cant help but to show her weakness and laugh! Its real for her and its great to see.

I reached out to her again and she said No thanks to doing another shoot. So looks like a one-and-done!

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