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Russian Fetish Vasilisa in black socks Tickle Attack on Reading Girl

Russian Fetish  Vasilisa in black socks  Tickle Attack on Reading Girl

Beautiful Vasilisa will be tickled again, but this time she is alone, without her girlfriends.
She sits on the couch in short shorts and a t-shirt with a textbook in hands.
Her feet are tied to a chair, she wears black socks.
So, the main purpose is to tickle her while she's reading.
She starts to say intelligent words with her sweet voice and I tickled her feet through the socks. Her legs twitch and she smiles. But this is only the beginning
Then I take off the socks and see her soft soles, sexy skin and cute toes this feet need to be tickled with full power. I torture her feet and Vasilisa laughs through the reading. She is so passionate about reading that she is not distracted by the tickling, so I tickle her more intensively.
Now we can see close ups of her feet, I tickle between her toes and entire sole. I know she loves it. She twitches and laughs and endures tickling, but still continues to read.
In the end she lies on her belly and I tickle her feet and then bite them, and she's blushing and laughing while reading a book.
Long ticklish adventure with the young girl awaits you!

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