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The Tickle Room - Coco's Chinese Sole Torture - Day 1 Prep the Feet

The Tickle Room - Coco's Chinese Sole Torture - Day 1 Prep the Feet

Ok SO, since EVERYONE wants the live stream of this clip I said why not just post the damn clip itself! So here is the FIRST part of Cocos Chinese Sole Torture. So as many of you know Coco is a fun and fiery Chinese girl I met in NYC and tickled the day I met her in the middle of NYC. It was freezing and from there me and Coco grew a great bond as she became on of our best models. So after SO many requests we did some of the most intense shoots over a weekend. Starting with this particular shoot. So This shoot was set to be Monica and Coco together but Monica was SUPER late and Coco was alone..So I had to shoot! Especially since Indica and Sunshine were en route to me leaving me with LESS time! So I looked at Coco, gave her the news and she laughed saying "Fuck it". We start with Cocos toes TIED and her body tied even further. She cannot move and is stuck.or so I thought. I was live on instagram and ALL of you lovely fans gave me some horrific suggestions to do to poor Coco!

So for 10 minutes we let the intense toe tie break Coco in and I answer all my fans and let donations come in! So after this time (10:00) We begin! I start with Sole Writing. But while I am writing Coco HAS TO speak chinese. She is NOT a fan of sole writing. Her feet are barely able to move as I have my way with her soles. Next up is oil..something Coco really hates because it makes her so much more ticklish. I oil up her soles and just GET her toes. She giggles until I tell her "I want to hear you beg". She responds QUICKLY with "I don't BEG". We will see about that. I use 2 hands and the brush watching her SCREAM. Watch this clip to see the BEGINNING of a LOT of sole torment! This is a full set I would NOT miss out on.

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