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The Tickle Room - Ambers Surprise - Breaking in the Stocks!

The Tickle Room - Ambers Surprise - Breaking in the Stocks!
So after a long snow month me and Amber linked up to hang out when I sent her the picture of the stocks. OMFG THAT IS SO COOL I WANNA TRY so I let her! We go live to surprise everyone randomly with me tying her size 9 BIG feet in the stocks. Now at first Amber is REALLY hype but as I tie each toethe true fear starts to set in as she realizes she will NOT be able to move. The moment the video starts she is more nervous than I have EVER seen her. I start to let my fingers dance as she nervously giggles and holds her laugh in as it pops out of her mouth every so often from the air pushing itself out. Her GIANT feet wiggle in the stocks to NO avail as I use two hands. Her toes wiggle and she tries hard to get away but it just STRETCHES her wide soles more. I apply a copious amount of oil to her soles and go for the pet brush. She BURSTS into a giggling fit unable to get away hysterically laughing. I keep getting my fingers in her toes and it gets harder and harder for her to hold it in and not smile. Then, I go for her upperbody with a strap. She SCREAMS and HYSTERICALLY laughs trying to pull me forward to stop but I keep going. This is one fun quick surprise from the amazing Amber!

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