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Russian Girls In Distress Olivias triumph of tickling, licking and orgasm

Patty is a researcher and she is testing the effects of a new body lotion that is also a sexual stimulant; Olivia answer to the ad and go to the office to get tested.

Patty is tied up on the sofa, and Olivia ask her if this experiment is not an excuse to tickle and tease other girls, but Patty does not admit it, so Olivia start to do to her the same things she did to her, while Olivia interrogate Patty to make her tell the truth. Olivia tickles and teases her nipples, upper body and feet, with her fingers and tongue. Patty try to resist but the lotion make her super sensitive and ticklish, so she soon give up and reveal that she is using the experiment as excuse to tickle other girls. Olivia continue to torment her with sensual stimulation and tickling, until Patty is having a tickling orgasm with the vibrator.

Once done, Olivia ask her if she would like to have an assistant; and Patty agree.

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