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FTKLs Tickling Fantasies Superheroine Tickle Takedown! Black Cats Unlucky Day!

Lady Shiva (Nicole Oring) finally catches up with treacherous partner-in-crime, Black Cat (Andi Page). After the agonizing foot-tickling she endured from Slade, last episode, she cant wait to get her hands on the feline felon! Black Cat expects that Slade has eliminated Lady Shiva, so its a big surprise to see her alive!

The platinum-haired cat burglar knows shes no match for Lady Shiva, so she tries to run, but to no avail! She even tries to put up a fight, but the sexy, Asian is too much for her! In no time, Black Cat is beaten down, tied up and de-booted!

Lady Shiva relishes the moment as Black Cats big, size 10 feet twitch nervously before her! The slinky little thief squeals with laughter as her wildly wriggling soles and toes meet Lady Shivas fingernails, oil, brushes and other tickle tools! She tries to appeal to her angry partners sense of mercy, but there is none! She doesnt even need information, to be honest, just revenge! And once, Black Cat is a tickle de-feeted, laugh-addled, sobbing mess and Slades contract is completed, theres nothing left, but to enjoy a few more vengeful tickles or is there? Find out now!

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