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FTKLs Tickling Fantasies The Tickle Casting Couch! Pt 123: Sativas Size 12s Cant Take It!

BRAND NEW TICKLEE! Nahla Fetis Amazon step-sister, Sativa is a 6 ft. tall gentle giantess with hilariously ticklish, size 12 feet! Nahla sits on the sidelines, off camera, as Sativa sits nervously in the stocks. Sativas sexy shoes are removed and even before the tickling starts, shes very apprehensive. Her big feet twitch in anticipation.

At the first touch of fingernails on her big, tender soles, she tries to fight but soon fails and erupts into laughter that just wont let her keep it inside! Apparently, Nahla uses tickling as a means to balance out Sativas height advantage over her. Nahla is also laughing her ass off (again, off camera) as Sativa slowly but surely loses her mind and surrenders to a toe-squirming fit of hysterics!

Worse yet, Sativa has one foot thats way more ticklish than the other! She tries to hide it, but its very obvious. Both feet are ticklish, but her left foot is uncompromisingly sensitive and zeroing in on it has her howling and cackling uncontrollably! And it gets really bad, when we use the oil and claw massager on her!

Theres just one small thing that disappointed us learning that Sativa has NEVER tickled Nahla. Look for that to change, very soon!

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