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The Tickle Room Dias Wrapped and Gagged Foot Hell!

Dia is one of the most ticklish models we have and honestly she ALWAYS has gotten the hell end of tickling. Every time she comes in shes all smiles until we start. Well its finally time to end this HELLISH series of hers with the final clip set.starting with her foot tickle. Now I can tie pretty well but I TIED Dias toes in this SO tight AND she is wrapped. So she can BARELY fight. Fully nude and toes LITERALLY pulled back tight Dia is actually terrified. She is so nervous as I START with oil. I swipe her soles and she responds with this is so bad fucking tickling. I tickle her soles and she tenses up and IMMEDIATELY laughs and screams but goes LITERALLY NOWHERE. When I realize how far she is NOT going I know it is time to turn it up. I grab the tiny brush and make circles on the center of her soles. Dia is SCREAMING and laughing. But honestly she quite literally screamed it out and looks ok. Until I grab the glove. I go HARD and shes is SCREAMING unhappy. Butshe is I gag her. Dia HATES the gag and complains the whole way of me getting it to putting it on her lol. Now I torment her with brushes and she cannot do anything but laugh and literally cry. This clip is SO intense that yes. Dia does actually cry, BUT she smiles through it in the end when she is untied and able to breath.

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