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The Tickle Room Megan Captured Finale Mine Forever

Notes from The Collector:

The new trainee was found by a local mafia group and information was required so I began interrogation. She was not receptive and fought but I broke her down. She is very beautiful so I immediately began negotiations to collect. They were very happy to hand her over post information. I took my time but she divulged the safe code rather quickly. She is now transferred to the facility. I have decided to take it slow and be slightly less torturous than normal. She has been placed facedown and I will utilize slow pen writing into cleaning her soles off with various tools and liquid.

Post training notes: I started with her soles extremely clean and soft. They really are a dream. I had to contain excitement to keep training on track. The slow and meticulous strokes of my pen seemed to really break her but I built a nice slow rapport to make her feel better. Thats when I use the hand brush and oil to break her and her soles down. She screamed at the top of her lungs begging and whining. By the end her soles are clean and she was more reluctant and terrified.

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