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Scarlett Sinns Twisted Fetishes Mummified and Tormented Feet

When Im in the mood to inflict torment on someone, I select my subject according to the type of suffering I want to see. I know that Kitty has very sensitive feet, so naturally I have chosen her to be my subject today. Because today, Im in the mood for foot torment.

I have Kitty bound to my wooden board with tight plastic wrap from shoulders to her ankles. Only her bare feet are exposed and theyre completely vulnerable. Extra leather straps are around her body to make her even more immobile.

I use my fingers to begin ruthlessly tickling Kittys bare soles and ticklish toes. She yells out in laughter, which is what I want to hear! She cant move, she can only wiggle her feet. Im merciless as my fingernails aggressively rake over poor Kittys sensitive soles. But shes not suffering enough for me! Im feeling sadistic. I rub baby oil onto the bottoms of her feet, which makes them even MORE sensitive.

Here comes the twist that not even Kitty was expecting. I show her a hair dryer that Im going to use on her precious feet. I really want to turn up the torment another notch. I turn it on and aim it at Kittys oil covered feet. Her feet get REALLY hot as the blow dryer is now an instrument of torment! I then go back to tickling Kittys feet with my fingernails as her suffering continues!

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