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Houston Foot Fetish My feet are sensitive, please dont tickle me!

Its full speed ahead in this bi-racial blitz tickle video FEETuring the petite beauty known to us as Jessica. This beautiful mulatto is tied up by both her wrists and ankles and isnt going anywhere as she is in it for the long haul as her nerves & endurance are both put to the test simultaneously. As per usual, a wide assortment of different tickle torment devices are implemented into this tickle experience so the lee can be taken to her highest limits and for maximum laughter and joy for both the viewer & the Ler. Jessica is very sensitive and vulnerable on her delicate ebony soles as those are her most sensitive area to be tickled. The Ler founds this out very soon into the video and takes full advantage of this fact and pays the bottom of her feet extra tickle attention to get her most extreme reactions in a very candid and open fashion! She is definitely taken on a very intense tickle ride with little to no breaks and a very funny part towards the very end where Jessica thinks its over but the Ler has to get one more intense reaction from her and comes back to double dip on her sensitive mulatto feet to get more intense laugher from her while her guard is temporarily down!!!!

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