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Houston Foot Fetish Emma Frost Psychic stuck in the stocks (Telepathic Tickle Torment)

Its Senior skip day at the Xavier Mansion for gifted youngsters and one young & promising student has taken it upon himself to prank the Headmistress of the Academy. Emma Frost (Vika) is tricked into getting into a pair of pillory stocks and getting her toes tied & bound under the guise of a training exercise and it all goes downhill (or uphill) depending on perspective. The two most surprising things are that Emma can turn her skin into diamonds but needs to be able to concentrate do so but is unable since she is being constantly and mercilessly tickled so she cant focus on doing so at all. The other thing is that Emma is a powerful telepath, so the gifted student mustve known to clear his thoughts to hide his true intentions or else she would have read his mind and figured out his ploy way ahead of time. Instead, she is trapped in the stocks being tickled by every torment inducing tickle device that could be found just sitting around the mansions armory. Unfortunately for Emma (or fortunately if youre a fan of tickling) she is eXtremely ticklish on her feet. Shes a size 9.5? and every inch of her marvelous mutant soles is extremely delicate to the touch. She bursts out into fits of laughter when she is barely even touched on the bottom of her feet. She has to endure a lot as they are the only two in the mansion and no one is there to help release her as she begs and pleads and threatens to expel the student if she isnt released. Nevertheless, she is tickled up to and past her limits and explodes into fits of uncontrollable laughter as she is continually tickle tormented by her own student much to his delight and much to her dismay!!!

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