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RF Studio Production Liza Lush First tickling for a giggling cutie

Meet our newest model, cutie Liza Lush.

Shes 19 years old college student.

She is very ticklish, her height is 170 cm and her shoe size is 37 (7 US).

Shes a real ticklee and is ticklish everywhere! I first tried tickling her without any bondage, but it was useless. Liza immediately shrunk into a snail and clung to me with her hands. Well, it was time to gently and firmly restrain Liza.

Well, the cutie is fixed on the bench with straps, her hands are tied behind her head and her big toes are tied together and bent backward, revealing her soles to tickling.

I approach with just a tiny feather and believe me, she doesnt need more than that. First I tickle her armpits, sides, and tummy, and then I deal with her beautiful bare feet.

On the feet, I use my fingers, ticklish metal scratchers, electric toothbrushes, and of course some foot lotion to make her soles even more vulnerable. Im sure youll enjoy her gushing laughter.


MP4 * 1.13 GB * 00:15:43 * 1920x1080


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