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Silver Cherry Bizarre New Tickle Therapy Part One

Daceys mood has been pretty down lately, so she checked herself in to a clinic for some help. Nurse Ama has been tasked with helping Dacey with her treatment, and she decided to try out something new to see if it can help with Daceys mood. The first phase of this new and fairly bizarre treatment involves tickling the bottoms of the feet. Despite how ticklish Dacey is, shes still ok with giving this quirky treatment a whirl if itll help. So with that, Nurse Ama begins using her fingernails to tickle Daceys soft sensitive bare feet. Dacey laughs and does her best to try and keep from pulling her feet away from Amas tickling hands.

With all of the foot tickling and laughing, it does seem like Daceys mood has improved. But as the scene ends, Nurse Ama alludes to having to move to phase two of the treatment to be sure the therapy is really working.

To be continued

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