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The Tickle Room - Alexa in Tickling My Bosses Girlfriend Pt 2 - PLEASE STOP ITS TOO MUCH

This is easily one of the best tickle videos I have ever done with Alexa REALLY shining on how ticklish her feet actually are.

Now its time for the WORST part for Alexa. She immediately states the MOMENT I touch her exposed soles I CANT AHAHAH MOVE. I start with just fingers and Alexa is already a mess. Now its oil time and Alexa is a lot more quiet not being mean but terrified as I tickle her soles and toes. She tries to keep her laugh in as I go for her delicate toes. Now she is MUCH more excited to get me my job back. But when I ask her she starts to REALLY fight again. Well I have something for that as I go CRAZY fast on her feet with my fingers. She BEGS NONONO WAIT WAIT before I give her no time and switch to the brush. She is BEGGING AND HYSTERICAL now unable to hold her laugh back. Then she starts SCREAMING at me about how I wanna work for an asshole but she cannot stop begging. She is so spent with the giggles but I REALLY wanna make her hysterical. She looks terrified and still reluctant to help me get the job back I use my tickle glove. Alexa is HYSTERICAL. She tries so hard to hold her laugh in but ends up SCREAMING with laughter and begging. Thats when I add more oil and here is the sexiest thing I have ever seen as I tickle her feet with the glove she BEGS PLEAHAHAHASEEEEE ILL GET YOUR BAHAHAHAHCKKKKKK She literally begs through laughter unable to hold it in. Everytime I find an intense spot she SCREAMS into her laughter barely able to breath. The last thing she does is admit she will allow me to tickle her every week for 30 minutes. No. Matter. What. While also getting me my job back of course!

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