FootFetish » Tickling » FTKLs Foot Tickling Fantasies Ticklish Mission Mishap! Pt. 77 Dr. Babinski De-Feeted!

FTKLs Foot Tickling Fantasies Ticklish Mission Mishap! Pt. 77 Dr. Babinski De-Feeted!

GODDESS KYAA, TICKLED! The evil Dr. Babinski (Goddess Kyaa) has been captured by Ian Fixx and administered her own serum! But, the mission isnt over, yet. Ian must find the original files of her work, so her records can be confiscated and wiped out and only the doctor herself has that info!

Bound and helpless, Dr. Babinski sneers at Ian, swearing that shell tell him nothing. But, soon, her shoes are removed and sharp fingernails skitter up and down her long, graceful soles! The doctor tries to be outraged, but her big, nimble-toed, wildly squirming feet tell the tale, just before she bursts into laughter! For as much as she wants it to be otherwise, shes fallen prey to her own handiwork! Fingernails, feathers, oil and brushes keep angrily cackling evil scientist in stitches as Ian makes a ticklish feast of her feet!

Before long it becomes clear that not even Dr. Babinski can stand against her own tickle formula! But, will she really allow Ian access to her lifes work? Find out now!

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