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The Tickle Room Veronica's Hysterical Crying Foot Tickle

For those who are new to these gem of a model.Veronica is a Latina MILF with the MOST ticklish feet I have ever worked with besides Joey. She CANNOT handle her feet being touched. In her interview (on my fans site) she explains how her WHOLE life she was put through hell and NEVER let anyone touch her feet. Pedicures were a no no and if her sisters tried to hold her down and tickle her she would cry and pee. So now she has worked with me a LOT and has taken some tickle PUNISHMENT but never tapped and managed to hysterically cry and laugh through it all. She has LITERALLY cried on set and always was a great sport about it all (her shoot with Desi she was full stop in tears laughing so hard but did NOT want to stop saying as long as she got to keep her unicorn hat on she could do it). Well it has been a few years since our last shoot which I did NOT notice! Our schedules did not line up since she is a professional body builder (she hides it well but she is actually big in the petite body build scene!) but now she actually shows up! So she was SUPPOSED to shoot longer but her friend saw the stocks and instantly was like oh no no so Veronica is all alone for her first time in a WHILE. Now I promised we would take it easy in this shoot and I promise, I TRIED but somehow and I REALLY do not get how she is WAY worse. I mean DOUBLE the amount of ticklish worse. She literally LOSES it and cries over me BARELY touching her. She claims its her time of the month where I think its just she wears sneakers WAY more and BARELY wears heels so they are WAY softer. I can tell when I touch them.

So we start with Veronica legs spread and I let her keep her arms free (sorry yall I wanted her to be comfy shes insanely ticklish) but she FALLS back unable to keep herself up from how hard she is laughing. She is already begging and fighting and I realize this position is NOT gonna work for this simple clip so I bring those feet close and tie her toes again. Now I go SLOW. I mean fingers LIGHT and she is LOSING IT. Her red lipstick showing from how hard she is laughing. I get into her soles and she is LOSING it before I get both hands on her feet and she LITERALLY starts crying and begging. Now the sadist in me decides to ramp it up with lotion. I go SNAILS PACE slow on her feet and she is BEGGING hysterical AGAIN!!! So I bring it down and I am SHOCKED. I am SO surprised how shocked she is. I use the grooming gloves and surprise her. She was not expecting it at ALL. She fucking SCREAMS with laughter. Its ticklers music as a mix of tears and laughter goes off. These gloves are her WORSE nightmare but the tears flow and I give her a break. I use the toothbrush lightly to end but I am worried about her smacking her head so its time for a bondage change!!!!

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