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RFStudioProduction Kristys Failed Buyout Tickling and Foot Worship in a vault

Fantasy tickling story.
Kristy found herself in an unpleasant situation her car broke down, and she asked for help at the nearest building. She went down to the basement and knocked the door was opened kindly, and she was asked to come inside. While Kristy was walking down the corridor, a man put on a mask and tried to grab her, but agile Kristy managed to escape, leaving the criminal with her jacket in his hands.

Kristy ran to the door but couldnt open it. Suddenly, the same man appeared right behind her and seized her. Now he dragged Kristy to his hideout, where he removed her blouse, leaving her in a short skirt.

He called his accomplice to explain the situation to Kristy. The accomplice, Kelly , approached Kristy and woke her up. She said, Call your boyfriend for ransom, there wont be another chance. Look, your phone is over there! She pointed to the table where Kristys phone was located.

Kristy was in a panic she reached for her phone and managed to call her boyfriend. Apparently, she wasnt very convincing because her boyfriend simply thought it was a joke, and the connection was poor. Then the criminals approached Kristy from both sides and knocked her out again.

Kristy woke up tied by her hands and feet, wearing a bra and a skirt. A girl in black positioned herself at her feet and started untying her shoes, while a man approached from behind and began tickling her sensitive armpits. Oh, not this! Ill go crazy from tickling!, she said. They used to tickle in school until I wet myself! Please, no!

Now the villains began to tickle Kristi intensely and lick her bare feet. Her fingers were delightful and aroused the criminals. They tickled Kristi on her sides and soles, watching her hysterical reaction.

When the criminals got tired, they stepped back, giving Kristy a chance to escape. It was fortunate that the ropes had loosened, and she was almost free. She hastily put on her shoes and rushed into the corridor. However, a cautious gangster caught up with her again!

He quickly knocked Kristy out and slung her over his shoulder, causing her skirt to ride up and expose Kristys perfect buttocks. He lifted Kristy onto the mattress and began wrapping her in a white blanket, which would serve as a cocoon.

Kristy woke up from the tickling on her soles once again, her socks were almost removed, and the criminal tickled her feet. Then, she completely removed her stockings and started biting and licking her soles. Soon, a man joined in, and they tormented Kristy together again. Exhausted, they left.

But this time, Kristy managed to make her escape, but who knows what awaited her at the end of the dark corridor

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