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Club Stiletto - The Memory Will Linger Forever

Club Stiletto - The Memory Will Linger Forever

Kandy has used her trample bitch so much she needed a nap but now she is ready for some more fun and is letting the slave out of his cage so she can take him upstairs and step all over him in her knee high boots. The scene rolls over and we find the slave is on the floor by the fireplace. Kandy gives you a nice view of her 'bitch boots' and you can see the heels are dangerous. She jumps on the slave and puts all 140 pounds on the heels as they dig deep into his stomach. She then lifts one foot and puts all her weight on one foot. The camera zooms in close and you can see how deep the imprints actually are on the carpet.

Kandy takes her hand off the mantel and balances on the slave who knows he can not shift or his Mistress will be thrown off of him and then he'll probably be banished to the cage forever. Next she steps on his face and you can see and hear how painful it is for the slave. Kandy doesn't care though, she's not getting off. Again she balances with her arms in the air. The slave is in love and he caresses her boots as she moves back to his stomach where she does some squats on him. Finally she has him lift his legs into lounger position so she can lay back and play with her pussy. She gets her fingers wet and then brings the fingers up to the slaves nose to smell, not even allowing him a lick. She then tells him to lick her soles while she again plays with herself. He'll be there until Kandy has an orgasm.

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