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Sasha Foxxx, Princess Natalya - Trampling the idiot

Sasha Foxxx, Princess Natalya - Trampling the idiot

Ninja finds a fidget spinner and is trying to work out how to use it but is too much of an idiot. Sasha and Natalya walk in the room and ask him what the hell is he trying to do.when he tells them Sasha snatches it from him and shows him how to do it then tells him he deserves to be punished for being so stupid. The two brats get up on the bed and kick him flat then start trampling all over him! They stand on his face over and over again while completely humiliating him verbally and crushing his face and balls under their soles. he struggles for air as feet are on his face almost non-stop when they aren't bouncing on his chest and stomach. The brat duo is merciless as they completely stomp him flat! using him as a human trampoline! A super hot clip featuring two of the best brats in the biz!

Model: Sasha Foxxx, Princess Natalya
Format: MP4
Quality: 1920x1080
File Size : 692 MB
Duration: 00:11:07


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