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GoddessD, Lucy Lovejoy - Facestanding and Trampling with Lucy

After an enjoyable day out with Lucy, We return about ready to unwind. Before getting a bit more comfortable there's an urge to have just a little more fun. Specifically, since We're both already wearing Our stylish and imposing boots, trampling a sub seems to be in order!

As the sub is beckoned he rushes in and gets into position. Before long both Lucy and I are walking all over him without a care despite his struggles and grunts. In some moments We're both standing on him at the same time, using the ceiling to help maintain balance and even press into him harder. We walk all over him and aren't afraid to step on the groin area either. And oof do we deliver some devastating butt drops letting gravity do all the work while the hard floor which has absolutely no give. He just has to take all of the impact.

As the action continues, We remove each other's boots while using the sub as furniture in the process and reveal each other's cute feet and beautiful painted toes. We embrace while I facesit him in My jeans and then transition into some ruthless facestanding. Watch Us both stand full weight on his face and work on Our balance. I stand firmly and use the ceiling to brace Myself and won't get off until he literally taps out. Lucy then follows and does the exact same thing, foot gagging him for good measure afterwards.

Off and on throughout all of the action We take a few moments to spit in his face. He gets a heavy dose of this at the end followed by both of Our feet smearing it all around just for one final bit of before We run off to make popcorn.

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