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Mistress Enola - Brutal Converse Human Rug

This time I wanted to use my slave boy as a human rug with my new converse. Just because I want and I felt stressed I made him lay in the floor as a rug and I start trampling him very very HARD I did many high jumps on his chest and stomach to see if he has been working out and his ABS can take my jumps I marched on his belly He was making to much noise while I jumped and STOMPED him so I STOMPED his cock several times And I kept going with my trampling all over his body I also stood on his legs and STOMP them. This was 11 minutes full of suffering from himThis is one of my hardest trampling, stomping, jumping clip, I can tell you that the next morning he had so much pain all over his body, but he will be OK !

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