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Princess Miki - Pantyhose Worship JOI

Princess Miki - Pantyhose Worship JOI

I know how weak My legs make you. They make you crumble, tremble, and oh-so horny especially when they are encased in luxurious nylons.
Watch Me slowly get dressed, slipping into My pantyhose, heels, and little black dress. This sight itself weakens you.
I pull off the expensive Wolford pantyhose well, dont I? Yes, I do, along with the cocktail dress and patent black heels. I exude luxury, sensuality, and expensive eroticism.
After I tease you for a while with your greatest weaknesses, I will encourage you to stroke that cock for Me. I know how horny Ive made you, how much Ive built you up.
When youre aroused, you become so weak and so small, and thats exactly how I want you. Its not just My legs that turn you on its the power that My legs have over you that brings everything over the edge.
Eventually, I will count you down to have an explosive orgasm for My stockings and after this happens, its game over.
Youre Mine.

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