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I WANT FEET - I Overheard You Talking And....

I WANT FEET - I Overheard You Talking And....

Honey is laying on the bed when sexy Kristina walks in to talk. Kristina is a very shy girl (or so it would seems right now anyway LOL!) and has some trepidation about discussing her issue with Honey but she recently got up the courage. Kristina explains that she overheard a conversation Honey was having with one of her friends. Now she didn't mean to hear and wasn't eavesdropping but she couldn't help but get excited when she heard Honey talking about feet!!! Kristina has always had a thing deep down for feet but has never tried anything and has been too embarrassed to ask anyone or introduce it into any relationship. Now that she feels like it's okay knowing Honey's proclivity towards feet she wanted to bring it up with her. Honey's very excited and invites her to have her feet worshipped to see if what she thinks she's been feeling is actually real for her. Honey goes to work and BOY does she bathe Kristina's feet with her tongue getting all of her VERY sexy wrinkles nice and MOIST! Kristina responds almost immediately as she removes her own other sock and begins to rub her own foot while Honey is worshipping away. Honey takes her time worshipping both feet thoroughly and rolls her over to do Kristina's sexy toes! Kristina is loose and ready to eat some feet and so she wants to get at Honey's!! Kristina removes her socks and BAM! The shyness is totally GONE!! Kristina's love of feet has been totally released and revealed as she lovingly runs her tongue long and slow up Honey's sexy soles and deeply kisses her feet passionately with desire as she totally devours them. Kristina eats Honey's feet for a long satisfying time before she eventually pulls back and says there's definitely no question about it, she likes feet! We think everyone will agree!! It's a long video but honestly we just got so caught up watching suck beautiful feet and beautiful worship LOL!!!

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