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Mistress Tatjana - Stepfather Slave I Fuck Your Mouth With My Feet

Mistress Tatjana very loves to makes her idiot stepfather to her slave. She blackmails him if doesn't do anything what she want she will tells her mam that he insult her sexually and her mom belive her in everything. Poor stepfather doesn't dare to resist because he knows what a cruel and intelligent her beautifull stepdoughter. So he has to obey her. She very loves to humiliates people. So firslty she orders him to lick to clean her peretty sandals. Its bottom is very dirty. Poors guy cries during the licking but she very loves his misery and laough at him. After she he contiunes the humiliation. She orders him to lick to clean her dirty soles with his tongue. Poor stepfather very hates to do it and almast cries but who has no escape. In this clip she punishes more so she fuck his mouth her pretty feet. He begs mercy but she continues the brutal foot gagging until he cries and more. She very enjoy his pain.

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