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Nicole and Salma I Ll Show You Who Your Step Sister Really Is

Monica's meeting with her older step-sister Salma was just wonderful. Salma decided to introduce her step-sister to her friend's daughter. "Now such a good girl is coming, you should meet" says Salma. She calls Nicole and asks to come visit. Nicole comes and sees her old slave Monica! Nicole becomes very angry, she tells Salma that Monica is a dirty whore who only knows how to clean her feet with her dirty tongue. "You don't believe me, Salma? I'm going to show you everything ... On your knees, you filthy whore!" Nicole says. Slave Monica can't contradict her Mistress Nicole .. She obediently kneels down and listens to orders. Nicole wants to show Salma everything that her step-sister is capable of. First, whore Monica was tasked with sniffing Nicole and Salma's sweaty socks. Then she needs to worship the feet of her Mistress and older step-sister. Monica is very ashamed but she has no choice .. Salma can't believe her eyes! "How could my step-sister become so pathetic?!" - says Salma. While Monica worships her feet, Salma realizes that she doesn't need such a step-sister and now Monica will be a slave for Salma too. The older step-sister quickly realized what to do with the slave and is already confidently giving orders to the stupid Monica. Monica doesn't dare to contradict, because next to her sits her Mistress Nicole, who is very angry with Monica. Monica, worshiping the girls' feet, noticed that now Salma is looking at her arrogantly and with contempt .. Monica understands that she can't wash herself off from such humiliation and her step-sister will never treat her as before ..

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