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Goddess Grazi - Our secret

My friend had to take a package to my house that I needed to deliver the next day but it was late and he could only bring me the package in about 5 hours so I told him that would not be possible.. So he suggested that his step-son bring the package to me he asked if it would be a problem I said I wouldnt mind that yes, his step-son could bring the package to me.Then his step-son arrived at my house I received him and asked him to put the package in my roomWhen we went to the bedroom I saw that he couldnt stop looking at my feet when suddenly he complimented my nail polish so I soon realized that he liked feet, after all, only men who like feet notice so much so in feetso I asked him to take a closer look and he looked, sniffed, sucked, swallowedthis will be our little secret!My friend, his step-father can never know this!

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