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Metro Fetish Models - Mistress Feels Comfortable With Her Size 10 Feet On Your Face

Scene 1

Lilac Sphinx and Jason have been good friends for years. They usually have fun in a platonic setting without any sexual tension, watching movies, playing video games and eating in the evening through the early morning. This time, she arrives and Jason wants Lilac to remove her socks for some odd reason.

Jason is sitting on the floor and tells her to get a little more comfortable. Lilac is a bit confused and says she already feels at home. But he encourages her to go barefoot around the house. Still puzzled, Lilac hesitates because shes self-conscious about her foot size. Jason ensures her its ok. When she peels off her socks, Jason cant keep his eyes off her toes. Lilac starts teasing him, asking if he has a foot fetish. Before he realizes it, Lilac shoves her foot in his mouth. Shes amused by making him suck her long toes. It happened so quickly, but shes enjoying this more than him.

Scene 2

Jason got more than he expected. What started out as his curiosity has turned into Lilacs amusement. Jason just wanted to see her feet for the first time, but he opened up a can of worms. Now, shes totally comfortable airing her feet out and getting her toes sucked.

Jason tries to switch the focus toward a movie, but Lilac wants a little more. Afraid to fracture his friendship, he gives her an opportunity to request anything foot-fetish related to get this out of her system. She explains the desire to have a footrest and wants to use his face. Now Jason is confused as she orders him to lay on his back.

He does so and is completely covered under her feet. Lilac tells him how his face/facial hair feels like a good scrubber on her soles. She turns the movie off, letting him know this evening will be very different from those in the past. Lilac shows her dominant side, ordering him to stick out his tongue so she can use it as an alternative scrubber for her long soles.

Scene 3

Jason hopes his foot-scrubbing experience was enough, but thats not the case. Lilac tells Jason she wanted him to make a move on her for years, but hes never made a push (sexually) on her. So, she took advantage of his curiosity to liven up their evenings together. Now exposed to his foot fetish, Lilac doesnt want sex from him, she wants to turn her good friend into a loyal worshiper. Jason likes her feet but not enough to take it that far. Lilac gives him an ultimatum, either worship her feet or the friendship is over. He doesnt want to lose their bond, so he prepared to endure whatever she has planned for the rest of the night. Lilac wants to feel his tongue again. She has some sock lint and gunk caked up between her toes and needs a thorough cleaning.

Lilac has Jason rest his head back and uses his tongue to floss between all her toes. She enjoys every minute of having him tend to her feet after years of wanting some type of action on these late evenings. Lilac feels like she stumbled upon a better plan. After early jitters about her foot size, shes embraced it and will make sure Jason shows her feet all the admiration and care when theyre together.

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