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Czech Soles - Office Foot Worship With Two Foot Goddesses

It's Friday, afternoot and Charlie is working today like hell, since he has to finish something and it's already the end of the week. While he's working Eliska comes to visit him in his office. Since Charlie is the boss she wants him to sing some papers and she needs it fast. But Charlie is all caught up in his work and Eliska's request is disturbing him, he's nervous and in stress. Eliska notices it and she offers him a nice relaxation - for him and for her at the same time. She know's her boss is into feet and her feet are BIG and sexy and they could use some massage and foot worship. So Eliska starts seducing Charlie with her feet, teasing him but even though he would very much like to worship Eliska's pretty feet, he can't right now. Suddenly Daniela comes into his office too and she also wants some signature from Charlie. He's all stressed now and Eli?ka agrees with Daniela that Charlie could use a nice relaxation, a foot relaxation. They both start to tease Charlie with their sexy little bit sweaty feet and Charlie fights it at first but after few minutes he submits and starts to worship their sexy feet the girls enjoy it very much too. He could not resist this desire for long...that much was clear right away. Could you?

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