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Czech Soles - Worship My Feet For a Sexy Suprise

Czech Soles - Worship My Feet For a Sexy Suprise

Dita had a long day at work and her feet need attention. Her husband has just arrived home, joined her on their bed and Dita puts her big bare feet close to her husband and asks for a foot massage. Charlie, he loves feet and they both know that but he's also pretty tired today and he don't want to do anything else but to lay down and rest. Not even Dita's sexy big feet can't persuade him today.

But Dita also bought a sexy lingerie as a surprise for Charlie and she starts to describe it to Charlie teasing him and it seems to be working. He agrees to massage Dita's feet for a while but not very long. But Dita continues and Charlie pretty soon finds him self doing anything Dita wants, he worships her feet and enjoys it too. With the view of the nice surprise he suddenly has enough energy to worship Dita's tired, big and sexy feet and she enjoys it until the very last second.

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