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Czech Soles - Two Girls Worshiping Their Big Feet In Bed

 Czech Soles - Two Girls Worshiping Their Big Feet In Bed

You know as they say that guys can't experiment and girl can? That girls are all a little bit bi? Well thank god for that! Dita and Cat are friends for some time now. They both have big feet, sexy feet, they both loves to have their feet worshiped and are both willing to experiment. Right now they are sleeping in bed after a long party night. They are sleeping head to toes to each other. But it's morning already and Cat wakes up and notices Dita's big sexy feet right in front of her face. She can'[t resist and she wants to try what it's like to kiss another girl's feet. To touch them and caress them. So give it a try waking up Dita in the process. "So I see you've found my feet, didn't you?" Dita asks Cat. She responds with a smile on her face and Dita's feet in her hands. But Dita was always curious about Cat's feet too. And now is the time to find out what it's like to worship another girl's feet. Especially such a big and sexy feet and soles like Cat's. Thank god for such an open minded Czech girls!

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