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Brat Princess 2 - Princess Amber - Stinky Foot Trample

Brat Princess 2 - Princess Amber - Stinky Foot Trample

Amber is wearing her ballet flats. They are her favorite shoes and she wears them almost every day. They are getting old, Ambers walked a lot in her ballet flats. Amber admits that the old ballet flats stink, but she doesnt have any shame about her stinky shoes. In fact, shes going to use them as a weapon to torment her fat old slave. The slave does not want to have to smell Ambers stinky flats. He would find it very humiliating to be forced to smell them. Amber yells at the slave. If she tells him to smell her stinky shoes than he is going to do it. Fat stupid slaves do not get a choice. Amber forces her stinky flat into the slaves face. The slave hates being treated this way. He hates smelling the shoes. Amber loves that her slave hates it so much. Its so funny when it is miserable. Amber makes the slave beg to keep sniffing her smelly feet. The slave does it because he does not want Amber to get mad again. It does not want Amber to leave. The slave has to kiss Ambers feet. Amber doesnt feel like the slave is appreciating the privilege of kissing her feet. She makes the slave lay down so that she can give him a stinky foot trample. The slave obeys. Amber walks all over the slave with her stinky feet. The out of shape slave cannot breathe under Ambers weight. She laughs as it struggles to breathe. Amber knows her slave will never tell her no. She can do whatever she wants to him and he will just keep coming back. Hes so pathetic. When Amber is done trampling the slave with her stinky feet she makes it lick them clean.

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