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Sun, Lynn - Two Asian cuties workout foot smelling

Sun, Lynn - Two Asian cuties workout foot smelling
Sun, Lynn and Jack had already several training in their home gym and they are having one today as well. Jack is usually showing them what to go and how to workout and the girls repeat it. Today it will be sit ups, push ups and foot smelling and worship :). But not so fast. The girls know Jack for some time already but they have no idea about his foot fetish and he of course secretly hopes to have a chance to smell the girls sweaty feet and socks right after or during the workout. Thats the whole reason hes doing it. And today he gets really lucky! As they work out and do push ups, there is not enough room and Jack has to be right behind the girls, facing their feet and thats exactly how he wants it. But he get much more lucky now Sun has new shoes and her feet hurt from them and she wants to take them off. Jack of course advises the same thing and then both girls take their shoes off. Jack is so horny right now he cant even stand up without the girls noticing as much. So they do push ups like this, head to toes, and Jack is smelling their feet every time he goes down. When the girls are too much tired he even advice them to relax, close their eyes and just lie still while hell do some more push ups. What a sneaky but very lucky man! But of course it does not take much time for the girls to realize that something is wrong and they confront Jack Were you just now smelling our feet?!. He admits it unwillingly and since the girls are too much tired anyway, maybe its time for Jack to work out and if sweaty feet and socks are his motivation then lets motivate him plenty!

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