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Vicky Vixxx Vickys plan

Vicky Vixxx  Vickys plan
Honey sits on the couch as her Therapist-Fantasy Vicky, walks in to greet her. Vicky points how far long Honey is in her pregnancy and how much her feet must hurt. Vicky starts by taking Honeys shoes off and explains that she likes her clients to wear pantyhose when she massages them. Vicky lets Honey try different aromatherapy smells and it knocks Honey out. Vicky takes advantage of honey as she faints sniffing and kissing her feet. Vicky rips open Honeys pantyhose kissing her bare feet. Vicky kisses and sniffs Honeys bare feet moaning in pleasure with each whiff. Vicky grabs her oils again and tells Honey to take a deep breath. Honey wakes up and is confused on what happened and why her pantyhose are ripped. Honey is upset that her pantyhose are ripped and she cant remember a****Good boys use markup codes!

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