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Sexy Schoolgirl Paying Rent With Her Pantyhose Feet

Sexy Schoolgirl Paying Rent With Her Pantyhose Feet
It's always the same story - there is always the one person who never pays the rent on time, always makes excuses and Charlie as the landlord is just sick of it. For him it is this student girl. She's so unreliable. It's time to make it right and set her either straight or make her move out. No other way around it!

But there is something the landlord didn't count on - young pretty students can be very very hot and very very aware of it and use it for their own advantage. So when he calls the girl over to have "the talk" with her she first listens what he has to say and then...she drops the coat and reveals her perfect body, her school uniform and amazing high heels and pantyhose on her sexy feet with long toes. Charlie is speechless!

From now on she's in control and she knows the landlord is so weak right now. He will do anything for her feet and her pantyhose. Every time he tries to speak, she puts her foot on his mouth and he's just lost. Totally in her power. Powerless and submissive. She will never pay rent here again...

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