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Czech Soles - Friends With Foot Benefits

Czech Soles - Friends With Foot Benefits

Natasa had a looong day and her feet are sore and her soles hurt. There's nothing better than to call a friend who would take about her feet - Charlie. Natasa and Charlie know each other for a long time and she knows everything about his fetishes and desires. And she also knows when she calls him, he'll gladly come over and take care about her feet. They both love it so why not to take advantage of it. Charlie is especially in smelly feet and long toes and he loves sexy Natasa's long toes and slim feet and today, she was running errands all day long in her sneakers and in pantyhose and her feet are sweaty and smelly. Just perfect for Charlie. He comes to her place pretty soon and right away starts to worship her feet, smell her shoes and massage her soles and Natasa is also in heaven - she loves all this, when her feet are being licked and taken care of. Charlie rips her pantyhose with his teeth and continues to worship her bare soles and long sexy toes and they both have a great time, but Charlie probably even better one than Natasa. This is the perfect symbiosis of two foot fetish friends. It's a foot fetishist's heaven, ain't it?

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