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Czech Soles - Charlie got caught when massaging sexy Asian feet

Czech Soles - Charlie got caught when massaging sexy Asian feet

Today he got a different girl on her massage session. A cute Asian girl with very sexy feet. As he's lying there on the massage table, he can see the masseuse's pretty feet through the whole for his face in the table. He admires her feet all the time silently before he finally tell her how pretty feet she has. She's embarrassed but no harm done, right? But Charlie continues, that he would like to massage her feet. It's like giving back, when she massaged his back, he would massage her feet. That's fair, right? She agrees at last and Charlie enjoys massaging her little sexy feet until the owner, a big footed girl, comes in and catches them. She gets mad and sends the Asian girl to another client. "I thought we had an understanding - you'll come here to get massages and you'll massage my feet. Not feet of some other girl here!" she screams at Charlie. He's desperately trying to get out of this messy situation but the only way she let's him is by massaging her feet. But she don't want him to stop at massage. He has to worship her BIG feet too if he wants her to forget this. Now she's in charge.

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