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Czech Soles - Shes too soon for a party but her feet are so sexy!

Czech Soles - Shes too soon for a party but her feet are so sexy!
Jack hosts a party at home. Its only half an hour before the party officially begins. Jack is still preparing things for the event while someone rings his doorbell. What kind of person could that be? Everybody is 20 minutes late to parties. He opens the door to find a girl in very high heels, with so many sexy feet that he cant believe he saw it. He recalls that it was his friends friend. Charlie is Charlies friend, so he allows her in. Although its awkward because theyre alone and dont know one another, Jack is overwhelmed by the girls feet and their amazing high heels. Jack gets the conversation moving and turns it to his shoes. Jack is jealous that Charlie worships her feet sometimes, and the girl tells him. The girl realizes that Jack loves feet and wants to get a foot massage. They both love foot worship, and soon they are enjoying it so much that it is hard to remember when it happened. Another doorbell! Its Charlie, what could it be? Charlie was supposed to arrive earlier, but its Charlie! This will be awkward, as Jack is still so obsessed with those sexy shoes

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