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All American Foot Worship - Princess Rachel - Barefoot in toms shoes smelling

How do you like that? Princess Rachel questions as she down on top of her slaves stomach and props her feet up onto his face. She is wearing her new toms canvas sneakers that one of her slaves bought her. She has been wearing these all day without socks, but they are still very painful on the slaves face. She rubs her soles across his face and smashes his nose while sitting full weight on his stomach. He is just human furniture to Princess Rachel. She eventually uses his teeth to remove her shoes which reveals her sweaty bare feet. She enjoys making him sniff her stinky feet. The slave complains about awful her foot stench when she just laughs at him and announces maybe the foot will smell better? while making him her other shoe. It in fact does not smell any better. The slave attempts to move his face away from the terrible stench but Princess Rachel just laughs at him demanding Too bad! Keep your head still! Princess really loves to feel his breath between her sweaty toes and she knows this is where the stench is the worst so she focuses most of the time in that position with her toes cupping his nose and her sole keeping his mouth closed. She finally finds a comfortable position and begins to play on her phone and ignore the human footstool beneath her full weight.

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